D. J. V. Daniel

Dr. D. J. V. Daniel

I am much pleased to introduce to the Students and the Teachers the New Website of ELLEN TRIASTER. This is for the our Educational programs of the Institutions. ELLEN TRIASTER  is the Flagship of  Higher Education owned and Operated by Eta in India. It endeavors have always been with singular objectives of bringing forth Graduates worth Commitment to unselfish service toward Fellow humans. It is upon this vision that our founding  established the great institution. And we see ourselves as the inheritors and guardians of the vision. The mission of our NGO is to prove as education that adequately prepares the students of the demands of human life in this world, and fitness for citizenship in world to come.
The above mission statement has been the backbone  for 20 years. It still operates certain departments/ based the Language (English.) Though this is meant for programs, it nevertheless gives an overall picture of Our Vision, Mission, Objectives, Regulations and Activities. Especially urge you students, to familiarize yourselves with this important document, and keep abreast with this provision so that you can complete your course of study in time and get the best out of ELLEN TRIASTER.
Thank you!

Dr. D. J. V. Daniel

Administrative Wing: [email protected]

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