Management Committee Members

Ms. Pauline. P., The Chair Man

Dr. D. J. V. Daniel,
Ex Offico

Dr. Yobu

Mr. Paulraj

Mr. Mohanrasu, Website Developer

Mr. Durai Heller

Mrs. Santhi

Mr. Hubert Singh

     A board of directors is a group of people who jointly supervise the activities of an organization, which can be for non-profit, Such a board’s powers, duties, and responsibilities are determined by ETA trust own constitution and bylaws. These authorities may specify the number of members of the board, how they are to be chosen, and how often they are to meet.
     In an organization with voting members, the board is accountable to, and might be subordinate to, the organization’s full membership, which usually vote for the members of the board. with the board having ultimate responsibility for the management of the ETA. The board of directors appoints the chief executive officer of the TRUST and sets out the overall strategic direction.

Meeting Of Management Committee Members

  1. The meeting of the Board of Trustee shall be held at least four times in a year.but any number of other meetings may be held as and when considered necessary.
  2. The Members shall keep a minute book. All proceedings of the meetings of the Board of Trustee shall be entered in the minute book and shall be signed by the Chairman of the meeting at the conclusion thereof.
  3. The Board is hereby authorized to and any from time to time make additional rules and bylaws regulating their carrying out of the objects of the trust investment of Trust funds and their utilization thereof and all other matters incidental to the working of the trust and from time to time modify, alter or amend such bylaws and rules provided that no such bylaws or rules shall be in any way alter or contravene the objects of the Trust.
  4. In absence of the chairman the general secretary will be controlling managing meeting.