History of Ellen Triaster
D. J. V. Daniel

Dr. D. J. V. Daniel

The Founder & The President
By our Most Respectful and Honorable Dr. D. J. V. Daniel  was founded it in Gymnasium as a Spoken English Class for Body Builders in South India. Later it was set in Public Room where all students could come and attend English classes. Since The Founder was then a Student for  Studies, He’d been doing both careers, one was in Working and another one  was Training Students to Speak in English, It got started with vitality and was named as a ’English Learning Skill Center” He got stumbled in running this because he completed his Degree Program; was appointed as a one of the Denominations. Denomination said, You can’t serve for Two Masters, stay in anyone. So he left Denomination but not the Truth. Later It was modified as ‘’Three Star English Learning Skill Center’’ and did as a Vision with a Mission in Different Colleges and Schools in Various Places of Native State. Interdenominational Fellowship. Leaders invited his Team to conduct Communication English for their team. On Feb of 2005, 13th Day A. D, 11: 55 P. M., his beloved Elder Sister slept in the Lord. Since then It was changed for her memory ‘’Ellen Triaster Inter American and Biblical English.  By the Grace of Help of People and God it began to spread, not only in Home Country but also in Asian Countries too. Later along with  English, Certificate Courses also offered as  Courses. By the Grace of God Ellen Triaster was registered in Trust by Tamilnadu Government to run college in the name of ELLEN TRIASTER.
We glorify the GOD  using us as a Dedicated, a Devoted Professional Team through ELLEN TRIASTER around the Globe.
                                                                                                                        –ELLEN TRIASTER
Administrative Wing: [email protected]
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