Servant of God who wants to be ordained as a Moderate/Bishop must have trained by ETIC. Minimum of qualification of Secular +12 must have completed and M. th., in any denomination. Experience of ordaining as a reverend must be 20 years of experience letter from any leader of Church. Photo evidence of ministry, video clip, and must have baptized minimum 100souls so far.




Bishop: A member of ETIC has been duly ordained by us, as a Bishop. The holder of this certificate has accepted the tenets of faith. Constitution and bylaws of ETAIBC and is authorized to preach the gospel as a minister to be a Bishop and spiritual leader of a church and churches, to officiate all sacraments rites and ordinances including the marriage ceremony (with a marriage license and in compliance with the local laws) to pray for the sick and afflicted and to fulfill all the other responsibilities of a minister of the gospel and Bishop.



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